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God's Radio - Jay4Jesus & God's Light
God's Radio
A Hillbilly Gospel Song
by Jay4Jesus and God's Light


Fortress - Jay4Jesus & God's Light
The Fortress
Walking on Son Shine Happy All the Time
by Jay4Jesus and God's Light



SEVEN Truths YOU Need to Hear!

1. God is REAL, He created you, and He loves YOU!

2. The only REAL happiness you will find in life is when you accept God’s love for you!

3. Don’t Believe the LIE! – Drugs, Sex, Smoking, and Beer are not a permanent fix to your longings and feeling of emptiness. They are simply vices that will eventually destroy you.

4. Listening to your parents and respecting them has a great promise from God – LONG LIFE.

5. Trust God with your future. He really does know more than any of us ever will!

6. Be the example for others. Love God, love each other, and let others see God’s kindness
in you!

7. Know that God will NEVER leave you. No matter what happens in life God will be there for you!

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Toby, John, Cathy, Sam, and Brenda all say hello to the teens in Teens World!


Angry at Someone?
Want Revenge!

"What Matters" by Tonya
Has someone made you mad? I mean really mad? Do you want toget them? Want to hurt them more than they hurt you?  --- WAIT!  Why notforgive them. How about putting yourself in their shoes. They may have done iton purpose or they may not even be aware that have done anything at all. Evenif they did do it on purpose, rather than seeking revenge, forgive them. AskGod to bless them. Yes, I know you don't want to inside - do it anyway! Ask God to help them. Image, if God got even with usevery time we did something wrong or that is against His way. YOU WILL BEAMAZED at the result.


Teens Sound Off About What Concerns Them …

Here are three things we heard (not in any order or ranking):

1) Relationships
Brandi says the number one issue to her and her friends is their relationships with parents, her brothers and sisters, her friends and even her school teachers. How do these types of relationships affect you?

2) Sex
James says his friends all have questions about sex. At this age, sex is new and a great mystery and temptation. So many concerns -pregnancy, types of sex, protections, and just the awkardness.

Here's a great suggestion - abstinence. God's way is to save these special moments for the person you marry. So, when you are close to someone and your embrace leads you to want more - why not wait. It will make it that more special for you and your lifetime partner.

3) Alcohol, Drugs, and Highs
Jackie says she believes many teens face the issues with attending parties and hanging out with friends who deal or use some type of drugs.

The truth is: 1) drugs are illegal and can get you into serious trouble, 2) Drugs are a lie - they get you high then they get you hooked and then they can kill you, 3) Provides only a temporary high or feeling of freedom - rather than the exciting lasting high that the joy and freedom of the Lord will bring you.

When you're young and your life is waiting for you, everyday can be bright and new. When you choose to accept God's love for you and are willing to trust Him, you will find your life has meaning and purpose. Yes, there will be sad times, heartaches, and "things" will happen, but God will always be with you, hear every word you say to Him, and protect you and love you even when you do things that you should not do.

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